My Personal Wine Steward


My Personal Wine Steward Membership
Being a member of My Personal Wine Steward is a way to energize your wine journey. You get an opportunity to sample excellent wines from around the world at a subscription price less expensive than a good bottle of wine a month. Excellent Education, Incredible Food, Delicious Wines; can it get any better than that?

What would you pay for a wine tasting class with excellent education, tasting wines that average over $30/bottle. What if we sampled up to five wines? What if we added some delicious tapas to make things interesting? At a restaurant such an experience would be north of $125. 

Our wine classes beat any wine education you have experienced to date. We truly help educate your palette using education methods aligned with top wine educators in the country. You will learn how to detect specific aromas, tastes, and textures and you won’t pay $125 per class. They are included in your annual membership

Our Wine Dinners are wonderful meals with a variety of excellent wines and incredibly prepared meals that complement each other in a manner to make the event an experience. As an added twist we often make these dinners the tests for the wines we tasted at the classes. The food is outstanding, the wine incredible but you will not spend $125 per event; they are included in your annual membership.

Just the wine and food are worth the inexpensive membership but you also get more perks as a member:

Rate My Wine :
You could open accounts with Wine Spectator ($49/yr) or Robert Parker ($99/yr) or spend hours scouring the web to find out about your wine-if they are ready to drink now or should wait or how they were rated. Or you could let your personal wine steward handle all that for you. If you have wine (up to a case/year) and want to know how it is rated and if it is ready to drink just send me your list.

Discounts at local wine stores and restaurants: We are constantly making deals for our members

We have a minimum of eight events per year so join early.

To recap you receive:


Wine Dinners ($1000 value)
Rate My Wine ($150 value)

Bonus Events ($200 value)

Total Value of the membership is over $1300


Wine Dinners: $80 each (for non-members)


Corporate Membership

Corporate members get a heavily discounted price (compared to individual price), which allow up to five (5) of their member membership. (If more are wanted please call). For Corporate members outside of San Antonio, whenever your staff is in San Antonio they can attend all the events for free. (fees are waived).  Additionally, special pricing for wine events large or small.  Please call for pricing.