My Personal Wine Steward

Welcome to San Antonio's Premier Wine Education Experience

Do you want to buy a good wine but you don’t have time to research through Wine Spectator or Robert Parker or attempt a Google search with its millions of hits?

Tired of  being forced to listen to the store clerk who cannot pronounce the wine name and is trying to sell you what no else would buy?

Do you want to try an unusual wine or variety but don’t want to waste time or money?

Then you need to join My Personal Wine Steward

Unlike ordinary wine tasting we center on educating you on all aspect of the wine and food experience.  Unlike tastings at restaurants where they have only one wine maker we experience wines from all over the world.  Restaurant tastings often have only superficial education but My personal wine steward tastings help you fully understand the nuance of the experience.  You will feel like a pro in no time.

Are you cooking your family’s secret recipe and wonder if the basil in the recipe will ruin the taste of the white wine you bought; should you add the herb or not?

You know the basics but you want something other than a Cabernet with that steak, what will go well?

Then you need to join My Personal Wine Steward

Our monthly tastings are perfect matches of food and wine. We show you which herbs, spices, vegetables, cheese,  go with each wine. Like to cook? Sign up to be one our Chef's. Our members include great cooks and private chefs.  You can take them on in our  fun cooking competitions.  Are you a private chef who want to showcase your talent we always like to try new cuisine.

Are you a wine novice and you want to learn more about wine without breaking the bank or disgusting your taste buds?

You need to buy a wine for a party or a wine snob or anything in between, what do you get?

You have a variety of wines and wonder how they are rated or when is the best time to drink them?

Then you need to join My Personal Wine Steward

Members get personalized attention when throwing their own parties or trying to find a new wine.  The service suggest wines for you based on your palette, not the sales person.

Do you love good times with people of like interest who love food and wine?

Then you need to join My Personal Wine Steward

My Personal Wine Steward is membership association that specializes in wine education and concierge wine services to its members

Wine Education Session occur a minimum of eight times a year.  Each session includes a class on the wine varietal and foods that pair well.  Most classes include a fun quiz at the end.  Each session also includes a five course meal paired perfectly with the wine.  In this manner the member has memory of the "perfect" match.  You can join anytime.